Buddy Set, Buddy Move

When assaulting a target, an individual moves, gets established, and is prepared to provide covering fire for the individual behind them. The person in the back will yell, “Moving!” Trusting the person in front of them will, in fact, provide covering fire and yell, “Covering!”
Looks great on paper, and in practice, but when the bullets are really firing… it’s easy to forget. Unless you do it so many times, it actually becomes gross motor skills (skills or tasks you perform without even thinking).

I want to break it down a bit. Because everything doesn’t have to be military related. (Though we at True North are extremely good at making real life application of all of it.)

When I speak about trust (and losing it), again, it’s more than just lying. It’s the dependability we see as value in another person,  whether we are the leader or the follower, and even equal partners.

What is it that MATTERS to the other person in said relationship? Ahhhh, the nuts and bolts of a relationship. Reference the paragraph above to see this applies to EVERY relationship. I realize, I am not speaking rocket science here, merely a reminder because, really, how easy is it for us to forget? We tend to remember this when the outcome benefits us, but what about when the outcome is selfless?

Rarely, are outcomes truly selfless, but when it can benefit both parties in the relationship? Much more practical and also tends to be outcome oriented. “Buddy set, buddy move” is a great example of that. It keeps the mission moving forward, protecting all assets. 

Real world application.

Communication is key. Follow through is key. Basically, it breaks down to, if you are going to do something do it. And if you can’t, communicate that, because it is JUST as important. 

Go back to the buddy set, buddy move scenario. If someone yells out, “Moving!” and you respond, “Standby, gun is jammed!” Better bet your bottom dollar, that person will not move until you are ready.

Just some food for thought.