True north vision podcast

Weekly podcast on leadership, life, and current events.

The true north vision

 Youtube links:

Episode 1: Kevin Upshaw (Country Music Singer/Father/Grandfather)

Episode 2: Hoyit Bacon (Founder of The Path/ Business Consulting)

Episode 3: Christy Profitt (Toastmasters/Women in Leadership)

Episode 4: Mike Mallatt (Tour bus driver/ Fitness/ Entrepenuer) 

Episode 5: State Representative Ben Baker (Politics/Family and Life)

Episode 6: Brodi Pursley and Jimmy Burgess talk life and the new non-profit,                                            Brotherhood of Warriors 

Episode 7: Adrian Hopper (Army Veteran/ Local Veteran Employment Rep/ D-Day                                         Coordinator) 

Episode 8: Caleb Scott (Creator of MANDAYS, Nutritionist, Football Player Great                                        conversation on masculinity!) 

Episode 9: Doug Hunt (Doug Hunt Consulting/ motivational speaker/gratitude)

Episode 10: RECAP!! The best of Episode 1-9

Episode 11: Guy Baird (Homeless Veteran who turned a school bus in to a home, fought                            back from drug addiction and now helps other homeless Veterans.)

Episode 12: Season 1 Finale Q&A with Jimmy and Brian