How do you explain, “It’s never too late…” to someone who has already committed to being “content” with average? It’s never an easy task. Society has already convinced us, who we are, what our limits are, what the status quo is, and how to act. In other words, know your role. We are here to say, it’s a myth.

As Director of True North, I have had conversation after conversation with people who are content being average. I have also had hundreds of conversations with people who want to be better versions of themselves, but they just do not know how. Team leaders that want to improve morale, but just can’t break through barriers set in place long before they set foot on the production floor. Companies that want to change their culture but have found themselves saying, “Well, this is how we’ve always done it.”

Well, I am here to say, “It’s never too late.” Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that can make it happen. It sure would be nice to just be respected. Valued. Appreciated. I can say, without question, none of that will happen until you respect, value, and appreciate yourself. Most of us yearn to be the “go to guy (or gal)” in whatever your job is. How can that happen if you aren’t even that person to yourself?

Brian Rogers, Senior Instructor, Task Force Devil Dog.

Whether it’s changing a culture, morale, or yourself, it all starts with trust. A good leader builds and maintains trust. We know when effort is lacking. If your goal is to “redefine”, start looking inward. Create habits designed to improve who you are, learn more, become a subject matter expert of yourself. Forgive yourself for being human. Take the time to invest in yourself.

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