A team that works together, trains together and accomplishes goals together.

Leadership Development Courses

Our mission is your success.

Our team building and application of real-world military-style training that brings out the best leader in everyone that attends.

While each course is specifically designed to meet your needs and objectives, participants will progressively learn effective communication, extreme ownership, and servant leadership skills throughout their training.

Testimonial ~

Picture if you will, a dozen bank branch managers- great at their jobs, and well-acquainted with a climate-controlled, service environment – thrown in to a world that is completely out of their comfort zone. Many of you will have a “fish out of water” in your head, and rightfully so – the True North training is not what we typically experience in a day!

But the critical thinking skills, the quick decision making skills, the leadership skills that each of our managers need to pull from on a daily basis…. these were the points that were drilled in to our team when we worked with the True North Team at their facility. This was training unlike anything we had attempted before, including all of the things you would expect on a hot, muggy day in the Ozarks. After an initial introduction to the mission of the True North Team, we got a glimpse into the type of training that our men and women in uniform experience. This took us to a whole new level of appreciation for those who serve and led us to the valuable lessons that we could bring back and apply to the banker world.

It was an exciting experience for our group and we are doing our best to “Stay Swoopy” Thank you to Jimmy Burgess and his team for helping bring our group together for this learning experience.

~Rebecca K. Dunham, Arvest Bank Joplin- Sales Manager






Course Level I: Pathfinder

Course Level II: Scout

Course Level III: Navigator

Pathfinder Course objective: Communication and Team Building

Missions designed to promote Self-Awareness and foster Esprit De Corps for the individual, team and ultimately the company. We design missions specific to the needs of your organization from empathy to empowerment!


scout course objective: Leadership Skill Development

Missions designed to promote Critical Thinking Skills, challenge the leaders to design missions to accomplish the objective.

Navigator Course Objective: "Planning, Supervising and execution

Missions designed to utilize previously learned skills through negotiations, to develop executable plans, advanced supervising, and goal accomplishment.

Classroom Instruction

Forget death by PowerPoint, at True North our classroom instruction is interactive, personal and thought provoking.

Escape Rooms

We realize there is way more than running and gunning. We appreciate the analytical thinker. Your teamwork, communication skills, and patience are all put to the test in our unique Stone House.

The True North Compound

12 acres, 3 villages, over 40 buildings and fighting positions… This isn’t just “playing airsoft”. You run missions. With the guidance of our highly trained instructors, leaders have the opportunity to “lead under fire”. It is complete submersion, and we show how it all applies in Corporate America.

Pathfinder Graduates

SCOUT Graduates




We host a variety of individual leadership training courses through the year.

Stay up to date on our upcoming events page for all of the latest individual training opportunities with True North Enterprises.