Just Like a Campfire

Leadership is like a campfire. It’s tough to just start a fire and walk away from it thinking it will remain lit. In order to have a great fire, you have to care for it. The process is pretty pure, but just when complacency sets in, the fire dies. 

Last week, Area Managers of Arvest Bank, put some more wood on the fire, and came out to the True North Compound for our Pathfinder Leadership Development Course. 

Being the Director of True North, it is my responsibility to know the level of leadership experience my team will be working with. I am guessing, collectively, the Arvest Team in attendance probably had 200 years of banking leadership experience. In other words, fires that have been burning quite a while. 

Like all Pathfinder Courses we have had, nerves win the morning. What could the class expect? They echo questions from previous classes; Is this going to be really physical? They realize I am not a Veteran right? 

Kindly, we try to ease the tension. We are not here to make Soldiers. We are here to aid in personal and professional development. I say all the time, we aren’t looking to make a thousand “Jimmys” out of our training, we are looking to give leaders an opportunity and tools to be better versions of themselves. We want to improve a culture, a dynamic, the core of what makes EVERY team successful: the LEADER. 

The Arvest group was fantastic. Through worry, they offered trust; In themselves, each other, the process. By the end of the day, tension was replaced with accomplishment. It’s my favorite time of the day, having people come up and say, “That wasn’t what I expected.” 

Soon, we will revisit with the group that came out and conduct an AAR (After Action Review) to discuss the class, where we go from here, what we learned as a group. We will talk about the application of what happened during the day, and how it has been, and can be applied in everyday life. 

Thank you to the Arvest Team for becoming part of the True North Family!

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