realizing you get one shot at this

I get told a lot that I step out of the “professional look” quite a bit. Truthfully, I have never shied away from it, as a public figure, as a father, as a leader.

Let me explain why. Actually, I put it up there in the title. Currently, our Country is in a bit of disarray. All you have to do is open Facebook or look at a news feed and see that people are generally not happy. Try and take a minute to figure out how much time is wasted, complaining, wishing for better… that next new job, a new episode, current events, politics. It is truly exhausting.

Of course, there is a time for seriousness. But that I will save for another blog post. Today, it’s about appreciation. As my good friend Doug Hunt refers it: gratitude.  As a business owner, I probably worry about more than most. Livelihood is surrounded by “what-ifs” and the ebb and flow of business, and it can be taxing on the mind and heart. Luckily, I love what I do so much, it far outweighs the trials and tribulations associated with new business despair.

What does it take to be happy? As cliche’ as it sounds, it does start within. Life has a silly little way of gobbling us up if we aren’t careful. How do you practice self-care? Workout? Watch Youtube videos? Knit or read with some alone time?

I knew a long time ago, meetings are stuffy. People are always so serious. We put the jokes aside for a sale or an image. We forget to be lighthearted and allow others to do the same. I posted a picture of myself and the chicken taking a canoe ride. I love reminding people I am human. That it’s not all “work, work, work”. Do I work? More. Than. Most. Can I lock it up, dress right dress, stand at the position of attention and deliver a speech with meaning and passion? Without question. Just not all the time. I remind myself that it’s OK to take a breather.

Here are 10 tips to self help and self love:

1. Turn off the politics for a while. Want to be on your phone or computer, fine. But watch a documentary, watch some stand up. Smile and laugh at it.

2. Work on a healthy routine. I am not saying “eat healthy”, I am saying find a healthy routine. Something you can count on daily as “you time”. Whether it’s the gym, going for a walk, mind teaser puzzles.

3. Begin to cut the negative from your life. It will be hard, but distance yourself from people who do not have similar goals or the best intent.

4. Say something nice to people. Gosh compliments feel good, don’t they?

5. Forgive yourself for being human. We ALL have bad days. Get past them, and mistakes and be grateful you have another opportunity.

6. Laugh, smile, and do it often.

7. Don’t be so bitter. You can only control your own responses to situations. Not everyone wants responses OR give a f*^# about your feelings. So let it go. Do you.

8. Take serious note of those already living like this. Reach out. It’s good to have people to talk to that really want the best for you.

9. Find a new hobby. Something. Anything. Want to paint? Do it.

10. Control what you are putting out in to the universe. Again, cliche’, but it’s true. We ALL know when someone is in a bad mood, and it spreads like wild fire.


Until the next time:

Vision. Execute.