be a decision maker

Much like the fighting position in the titled picture, you are safe where you are at. For the moment. What happens when you keep your head down too long? 

As leaders, it is important to recognize, idly sitting by and waiting for the fight to come to you is RARELY the best option. This applies to way more than a firefight. It’s life, it’s leadership. 

It is imperative to train for these moments. Sure, tomorrow you won’t be behind cover in an attack against OAF Forces that have taken my flag. The smoke and bullets won’t be flying. But if you lead, you can replace these lines with any decision making effort that lays in front of you. Do not be complacent. 

Sure, it’s safe behind these slates of wood. But for how long? In this scenario, it was a combined mission between two Task Forces, working together to take down an enemy mortar truck with 10 enemy combatants. Had the team leader stayed right where he was at, though “safe”, he compromises the success of the mission. The other Task Force exposed, the mortar truck free to evade and numbers are in favor of the enemy against one attacking Task Force. 

We make these decisions EVERY day as leaders. Are you going to sit back, or get in the fight? We OWE it to those we lead to train our bodies and minds that when a situation arises, we are prepared to make a decision. 

Our decisions are rarely flawless. But it is the lack of decision that stings. Lessen the amount of moments you look back on and think “I wish I would have done [this].” One of the keys to building trust is the ability to make a decision. People will always follow the decision makers and those that take responsibility for the good and more importantly the bad decisions. 

Lead your team. Get in the fight. 

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