brotherhood of warriors

A non-profit formed by Veterans, for Veterans.

brotherhood of warriors purpose

Brotherhood of Warriors is aware of the many challenges facing Veterans and their families. The purpose of this association is to build partnerships with the City of Neosho, surrounding communities and other organizations that can provide support to the Veteran Community’s development effort.

how you can help

come show support at events

Awareness is half the battle. Society needs to know the struggles of Veterans and their families.

veteran hiring

This mission is two fold. Help Veterans with resumes and interview skills, and help teach companies how to find the right Veteran for the right job.

veteran transition and assimilation

Not just for those who have freshly left the service either. For some Veterans it takes YEARS. Whether its redeveloping “people skills” or time with other Veterans, we provide ways to do that.

want to host an event for brotherhood of warriors?

Brotherhood of Warriors appreciates the efforts of our community and those willing to give back to the Veteran community. Contact us today if you or your organization want to host an event by filling this out and we will reply as soon as possible.